Avoid These when Having a Kitten

Taking care of a cat is different from a kitten. Why? Is this the same animal, right? That is right but kitten needs more attention because it still learns how to survive and grow up. If pet owners take care of it as they like, there is a big possibility their kitten will die soon. Because of this, taking care of kitten pet owners should be more careful. By the way, do you have a kitten? If you answer yes, do you know what to avoid when having this pet? If you don’t know what the answer is, read information below:

Feed it carelessly

You need to know that kitten cannot eat or drink milk carelessly. You should feed it with the right food and milk so it grows up well. The question is what is the right food and milk for kitten? You should go to pet care first and then ask veterinarians or animal experts about this so you can get the right answer. If you don’t have time to do this or you get difficulty in finding pet experts, you can do some experiments by feeding your pet various foods and milk and then look its expression. In general, if it likes certain food and milk, you can feed it by using those continuously. In contrast, if your pet does not want to consume certain food and milk, you should replace those with new ones. Don’t think that it is difficult because you can look for food for kitten in many pet stores both offline and online.

Let it go outside

Why are not you suggested to let it go outside? It is because if there are wild animals, like dog or cat, your pet will be beaten, get any injuries, and die as soon as possible. This risk may be higher if your residence does not have fence. Besides, you should worry about car and motorcycle because sometimes drivers cannot look kitten and then they crash it unpredictably. Because of all these reasons, you are not suggested to let it go outside. If it wants to play, you should keep an eye on your pet as well as possible. If you have more money, you can build a special room for your kitten.

Avoid entering it into cage

Most kittens show active behavior by running and hiding everywhere. The problem is sometimes owners cannot look kittens and step on it accidentally so it gets any injuries. This sounds weird but there are many owners getting this bad experience. To avoid getting this accident, you should enter it into cage after playing with it or when you are busy with your jobs at home. If you don’t have a cage yet, you can prepare a special place or cardboard for your kitten so it can take a rest comfortably.