Tips on Maintaining Pet’s Health

All pet owners definitely want their pet healthy so they can play together and enjoy taking care of it optimally. The problem is not all owners want to take care of their pet well so their pet gets sick easily. How about you? Do you take care of your pet well? If you answer no, you should do it now so your pet has long life. Besides, if your pet is in good condition right now, you should maintain its health as well as possible by following tips below:

Feed it regularly

How many times you feed your pet? If you just do it once a day, it is wrong because you should feed it twice or three times a day. If you are afraid of spending much money for pet food, you can make food by yourself as well as possible. Although this is not easy but nutrition and protein supply for your pet are fulfilled well. What if you don’t know how to make food for your pet? You can learn from various references, such as related books, magazines, and videos. In other hand, if you want to leave your pet for couple days, you should entrust it to your family member or pet care so pet remains getting good protection and care.

Keep its cage’s cleanliness

Keeping its cage’s cleanliness is a must so pet feels cozy and happy. Besides, by doing this, you can avoid smelled problem at your home and pet from any diseases and molds. You need to know that letting its cage dirty for a long time will make your pet get any health disorders fast. Imagine if your home is dirty, you definitely get sick fast too. For this, keep its cage’s cleanliness by throwing out its dirt minimum three times a week. If you are often busy at your office, this does not mean that you may ignore this. You should remain doing this minimum once a week. You may ask for help from your family member or house keeper to do this.

Do medical check up routinely

Not all pet owners know that their pet is in bad condition (sick). They just know that their pet does not want to eat and look bad. They guess that it is normal condition whereas their pet is in trouble. If you look your pet is not good, you should go to pet care as soon as possible to check up its condition. You are also highly recommended to do medical checkup for your pet routinely: once six months. By doing this, you can know what exactly your pet’s condition is whether it is okay or sick. Aside from that, you can consult with veterinarian about many things related to your pet. Keep in mind to follow all suggestions and recommendations so your pet’s health can be maintained optimally.

What to Do If Your Pet Gets Any Injuries?

As you probably know that animals count on instinct to survive so they can attack each other anytime. This condition is not only done by wild animals but also pets. This means that pets can fight and make them get any injuries. Because of this, pet owners are suggested to be careful of taking care of their pet, especially if they adopt more than one pet. The question is what to do if your pet gets Any Injuries? If you just ignore it, realize that it is not good for your pet. It might get more hurt and then go to die. If you don’t know what to do, it is better to follow the tips below:

Treat it as well as possible

The first to do is treating your beloved pet as well as possible. How? You can bandage its injuries and then give it some medicines. Besides, you can put it cage so it does not do many movements. Of course, you should also feed it regularly and then give more attention. If it cannot walk as usual or it gets leg injuries, make sure that you are careful of walking around it so you don’t touch or step its injured leg.  What if it still wants to go outside with bad condition? You should don’t let it do it. You can enter it to cage and give more attention so it feels comfortable.

Bring it to pet care soon

If you already do your best to take care of your injured pet but its condition is still bad or even worse, you should bring it to pet care as soon as possible. It is important to do so you can save its life. You need to know that injured pet will get bad condition if its injury cannot be treated well. Its wound will rot and make it cannot move or do anything. The worst part is it might pass away soon. Do you want to lose your beloved pet? If you answer no, you should take necessary action, like bringing it to pet care. Here, your pet will be treated by veterinarian or pet expert so its condition will be good soon. In general, you should leave your pet for a while at pet care till it gets its health back.

To prevent this problem happens again in the future, you should take care of your pet well, give it more attention, and don’t let it go outside, especially if you are not at home. If you have two or more pets, you should provide some cages so the risks of pet fight can be minimized. If you pet gets injury because of being attacked by your neighbor’s pet, you can ask your neighbor to take care of their pet.

Know Reasons Why Your Dog Likes Barking

Are you a new dog owner? If you answer yes, you should know that sooner or later your dog will like barking without looking time. Yeah, it might do this at midnight or dawn so you and even your neighbor will feel disturbed. When dealing with this problem, you are not suggested to scold or torture your pet because it does this with any reasons which you don’t know yet. For this, it is better to know reasons why your dog likes barking below so you can understand your pet well:

It looks something new/weird

Undoubtedly, when dog looks something new or weird, it usually barks. It does this to tell its owner(s) and send warning to the object. You are suggested to look for and know what the object is and then do necessary action. For instance, if your dog looks cat in your garden, you should drive out that cat or if your dog looks somebody who wants to come to your home, you should ask it to calm down. In other hand, what if your dog barks at midnight or dawn without unclear reason? This means that there is something there but it remains barking. If this happens, you should call your dog and calm it down. Believe it or not, dog does this when looking ghost. How? Animals have good instinct so it can feel the unseen. Besides, you should know that your pet will not do this as it likes. What if your dog likes doing this day by day? You should call expert related about this, especially if your dog does this at midnight or dawn.

It feels depressed

Not only human but also animals can feel depressed. When dog deals with this problem, it might be passive or even aggressive. Besides, it usually barks to express its feeling. If you already try to find reasons why your dog likes barking but you don’t find what the reasons are, your pet might be depressed. How to solve this problem? You should take care of it as well as possible and find out why it is depressed. In general, there are many reasons why your dog is depressed, such as: you don’t feed it regularly, you like hitting, kicking, or torturing it, you like imprisoning it, you like leaving it at home alone, and so on. There is no medicine to overcome its feeling. The right solution is you should stop doing bad things to your pet and spare your time to love, take care of, and play with it as well and as often as possible. By doing this, you dogs will be happy and stop barking or doing bad things.

Hopefully, by knowing these reasons, you can enjoy taking care of your pet and get closer with it.

Avoid These when Having a Kitten

Taking care of a cat is different from a kitten. Why? Is this the same animal, right? That is right but kitten needs more attention because it still learns how to survive and grow up. If pet owners take care of it as they like, there is a big possibility their kitten will die soon. Because of this, taking care of kitten pet owners should be more careful. By the way, do you have a kitten? If you answer yes, do you know what to avoid when having this pet? If you don’t know what the answer is, read information below:

Feed it carelessly

You need to know that kitten cannot eat or drink milk carelessly. You should feed it with the right food and milk so it grows up well. The question is what is the right food and milk for kitten? You should go to pet care first and then ask veterinarians or animal experts about this so you can get the right answer. If you don’t have time to do this or you get difficulty in finding pet experts, you can do some experiments by feeding your pet various foods and milk and then look its expression. In general, if it likes certain food and milk, you can feed it by using those continuously. In contrast, if your pet does not want to consume certain food and milk, you should replace those with new ones. Don’t think that it is difficult because you can look for food for kitten in many pet stores both offline and online.

Let it go outside

Why are not you suggested to let it go outside? It is because if there are wild animals, like dog or cat, your pet will be beaten, get any injuries, and die as soon as possible. This risk may be higher if your residence does not have fence. Besides, you should worry about car and motorcycle because sometimes drivers cannot look kitten and then they crash it unpredictably. Because of all these reasons, you are not suggested to let it go outside. If it wants to play, you should keep an eye on your pet as well as possible. If you have more money, you can build a special room for your kitten.

Avoid entering it into cage

Most kittens show active behavior by running and hiding everywhere. The problem is sometimes owners cannot look kittens and step on it accidentally so it gets any injuries. This sounds weird but there are many owners getting this bad experience. To avoid getting this accident, you should enter it into cage after playing with it or when you are busy with your jobs at home. If you don’t have a cage yet, you can prepare a special place or cardboard for your kitten so it can take a rest comfortably.